1. Marine Taxonomy
    Marine Taxonomy
    Processing of benthic sediment and taxonomy of marine macro-invertebrates from the New Zealand and Indo-pacific region
  2. Freshwater Taxonomy
    Freshwater Taxonomy
    Laboratory and live picking processing of sediment, taxonomy of freshwater macro-invertebrates from the indo-pacific and New Zealand region
  3. Stygofauna Taxonomy
    Stygofauna Taxonomy
    Processing of samples from groundwater, bores, caves and aquifers for identification of stygofauna from the New Zealand region
  1. Marine Pests
    Marine Pests
    Processing of scrapping samples from pylons, boats and underwater structures for identification of marine pests in to New Zealand waters
  2. Video & Photo Analysis
    Video & Photo Analysis
    Habitat characterisation and biotic classification of video and photo transects; from underwater, intertidal and mangrove habitats
  3. Macro-Photography
    We can provide photographs of macro-invertebrates for reports and photographic voucher collections
  1. Survey Design
    Survey Design
    Assistance with survey design, pollution monitoring and habitat assessment for marine and freshwater habitats
  2. Sampling Assistance
    Sampling Assistance
    Assistance with sampling methods for all aquatic habitats. Freshwater, marine, benthic, epibenthic and ground water
  3. Reporting & Statistical Analysis
    Reporting & Statistical Analysis
    Statistical analysis of macro-invertebrate biodiversity, ecology, feeding guilds and Interpretation for reporting
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