Benthic New Zealand Ltd, established in 2016, is an
independent consultancy offering a boutique
service in marine and freshwater macro-invertebrate

taxonomy from New Zealand and
indo-pacific waters

Benthic New Zealand Ltd is a sister company to Benthic
Australia Pty Ltd which was established in 2009. 

Benthic New Zealand prides itself on providing the most up to date taxonomic service for our clients. We maintain membership to a number of online taxonomic resources, journal publications, forums and taxonomic associations.
 Benthic New Zealand can also provide assistance with marine and freshwater survey design, methods for sampling benthic habitats, interpretation of invertebrate analysis, macro-photography, statistics and reporting.

Shona Marks MPhil
Director / Principal Aquatic Ecologist

I have been in the field of Aquatic Ecology for over
16 years’. I specialise in macro-invertebrate taxonomy, ecology and biodiversity, with special interest in polychaete worms.  
I also have a personal interest in macro-photography and collecting antique victorian microscope slides

Shona specialises in macro-invertebrate taxonomy from both marine and freshwater systems.
She has taxonomic experience from all Australian waters and overseas, such as New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.
Shona's MPhil thesis was on the polychaete community structure of the Gulf of Carpenteria Australia, where she found that polychaete diversity was correlated to the sand fraction

in the sediment.  

Before establishing Benthic New Zealand, Shona has worked for the Centre for Environmental Managment, Queensland Museum, CSIRO and private 
global consultancies. 
She has extensive experience in aquatic survey techniques, analysis and interpretation.
She has provided project management and technical support within a number of private and public sector projects.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday

New Zealand